Once a University Professor, now lives on footpath: His services are appreciated by all


New Delhi, Dec. 12, 2020 (www.justkannada.in): His name is Gyanendra Singh. He has served in reputed universities of the world, and presently staying on a footpath in Delhi. But, his services are appreciated by all.
Gyanendra Singh (75) stays on a footpath near Chandini Chowk in Delhi. He serves at the Gurudwara nearby and leads his life from the little money that he gets the gurudwara visitors. He saves a little money in it and also feeds street dogs and birds.
He also teaches engineering students who come to him with doubts, free of cost. A person who comes to know about his educational qualifications will be left mesmerized. Yes, Gyanendra Singh has a Ph.D. from the reputed Cambridge University, London!Ganendra Singh- putpath- appreciated- worked –newdehli
He also has a Doctorate in Engineering from Princeton University, New York, and has served as a Professor of Advanced Engineering in the USA. He has also served as the Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious universities in Princeton, Chicago, Washington, California, and New York, two years in each university!
He also has served as the Chief Secretary of the United Nations Council. But, he is presently living his life like a free bird, free of materialistic life, which is appreciated by one and all.
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