Mobile app to survey the demand for MUDA Group residences


Mysuru, September 8, 2021 ( The Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) has decided to construct group residential houses based on public opinion, demand, and desire. MUDA has developed a Mobile App to conduct a survey, regarding public demand.
The objective of this project is to construct houses and distribute them to those who don’t own houses in Mysuru, by MUDA. Under this project, it is proposed to construct two bhk houses in Vijayanagara and Dattagalli layouts and 1 bhk houses in Satagalli layout. A total number of 1960 houses with 14 floors having 1 bhk is proposed to be constructed at a cost of Rs. 450 crore.
MUDA has developed the app to understand the opinion of the public about the project. This app will collect the opinion of the public about 22 different points, based on which the houses will be constructed. The public is requested to register and participate in the survey and mention what type of houses they require.
More houses will be constructed based on the public interest that emerges through this survey. The public can participate both online (website and mobile app) and offline, according to the information provided by MUDA Commissioner Dr. Natesh.
Keywords: MUDA/ group houses/ public opinion/ survey/ Mobile App