Minister Sudhakar warns people to be careful about mutant coronvirus in the country


Bengaluru, Mar. 25, 2021 ( Health and Medical Education Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar has warned the people of the State to be very careful about the mutant Coronavirus, following the steep increase in cases of COVID-19 Pandemic in the country.
Speaking to the press persons today he requested the people not to be negligent about Coronavirus. “Mutant Coronavirus has entered our country. Till now about 700 Coronavirus mutants have been noticed. It spreads at lightning speed. Hence, we should be very careful. If you get any symptoms including cough and cold please consult a doctor immediately,” he requested.
On the occasion, he mentioned that as the film industry is facing a financial crunch, a decision over permitting filling up of only 50% seats in the Cinema halls will be taken soon. “Film actors have a social concern. Hence, I request all of them to voluntarily come forward to create awareness about the COVID-19 Pandemic among the people,” he said.
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