Mekedatu Padayatra being held for the people of Karnataka: We aren’t scared of imprisonment – Siddaramaiah


Bengaluru, January 11, 2022 ( “We are taking out the padayatra for the cause of the people of Karnataka. We are not scared of imprisonment or any case,” opined leader of opposition Siddaramaiah.
Addressing a press meet in Kanakapura today, he said, “It is we who started the Mekedatu project. It was the Congress government which prepared the DPR. What has the present government done in the last two-and-a-half- years? The BJP came to power in the State in 2008. Why it didn’t implement the project then? If they were so concerned about our people they could have acted then itself. Drinking water should be given priority. The BJP is in power both in the State and the centre as well. Then why they didn’t start it?” he questioned.
“We had prepared the DPR after getting suggestion from our legal advisor Fali Nariman. But the environment department did not approve. But now they can commence the project, then why are they delaying?” he added.
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