Media interaction on ‘Precautions required for journos during COVID’ with Dr. C.N. Manjunath on Apr. 30


Bengaluru, Apr. 29, 2021 ( A media interaction has been organized with Dr. C.N. Manjunath, of the Jayadev Institute of Cardiology, Bengaluru, on April 30, on the topic, “Precautionary measures to be followed by Journos during COVID-19 Pandemic’.
A webinar has been organized on the precautionary measures to be followed by the journalists during the pandemic, where the media persons can find answers to their many questions.
Journalists and other staff members working in the media will be working in danger during the pandemic. They will be under a lot of pressure. Journalists losing their lives during the pandemic is being reported in the media.journalists-covid-dr-c-n-manjunath-interaction-kuwj
Last year also the media sector faced a similar situation. The second wave is more dangerous putting the media persons in more danger. Hence, they need to take all the required precautions and face the situation and work with courage. The Karnataka Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) has organized the interaction program with Dr. C.N. Manjunath in this regard. The program will be held at noon on April 30, on the ZOOM app.
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