Is the BJP CM post a paid one? Siddaramaiah ridicules BJP following Yatnal’s statement


Bengaluru, May 7, 2022 ( Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, Siddaramaiah, today ridiculed the BJP, following BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal’s recent statement that he was approached by a few people from Delhi that he would be made CM if he could pay them Rs. 2500 crores. Siddaramaiah has questioned whether the BJP CM post is a paid one?!
In a press release, the opposition leader mentioned that Yatnal’s statement is a serious one and the reality would expose only through a thorough probe. “If an investigation is not conducted over Yatnal’s allegations then it will prove that Basavaraj Bommai has become a Chief Minister by paying thousands of crores to the BJP leaders. After that Bommai will not have any moral rights to continue in the post,” he observed.
“If we look at BJP MLA Yatnal’s allegations and statements it appears that he has huge information about the BJP’s corruption. Hence, an investigation should be conducted and efforts should be made to extract the truth,” he added.
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