“In my 10 years of service I have never done such work: Mysuru DC Rohini gets emotional


Mysuru, May 5, 2021 (www.justkannada.in): Mysuru District Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri got emotional over the incident of series of deaths that occurred at the Chamarajaranagar District Hospital recently.
Speaking about the death of 24 persons at the District Hospital in Chamarajanagara recently allegedly due to shortage of Oxygen supply, Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru District Rohini Sindhuri expressed her pain about the rumors going on. “I am personally very much hurt about the incident and all the rumors that are going on. In my 10 years of service, I have never committed any grievous mistake. The investigation will expose everything. It is wrong to allege that we didn’t respond to the difficult situation in Chamarajanagara. We sent 40 oxygen cylinders at our risk. Nobody will take the risk of sending oxygen cylinders from a hospital. Is it not humanity?!,” she questioned the Chamarajanagara DC M.R. Ravi.
“If the Chamarajanagara Deputy Commissioner’s office would have made a request earlier, we would have sent it. They failed to handle the situation properly and in turn making us responsible. If would have faced such a situation where we would have contacted someone and would have made the required arrangements. They did not do it. We are working 24/7 to save lives. Such allegations hurt us,” she responded to the Chamarajanagara DCs comments, with tears in her eyes. Mysore DC -Rohini Sindhuri- Emotion-chamarajangar-oxigen-death
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