“I don’t have any dealing with Sa. Ra. Mahesh”: MUDA Chairman Rajiv clarifies


Mysuru, June 17, 2021 (www.justkannada.in): Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) Chairman H.V. Rajiv today gave his clarification on the allegations made by former Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru Rohini Sindhuri on illegal land encroachment.
“I have not taken any decisions on my own after becoming MUDA Chairman. All the decisions have been taken only after taking consent by all the members. It is the reason why Mysuru today has the neatest system compared to other districts in the State. More than one lakh sites have been formed,” explained the MUDA Chairman.
Addressing a press meet in Mysuru today he said, “The private association and house building associations have been formed legally, through which 55,000 sites have been distributed. I have not taken one-sided decisions anywhere. All the decisions have been taken with the consent of all the members. I have not formed even one revenue layout in my life. I am not involved in any illegal government land scam. I have not done anything outside the law. It only shows her culture, I don’t like to speak about it. This is the time to reveal what I am. I have responded a lot to COVID problems also,” he explained.
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