“I don’t have a soft corner towards BJP”: Pramod Mutalik demands govt. to form a law against Love Jihad


Mysuru, November 23, 2022 (www.justkannada.in): “I never supported or spoken anything to please the BJP. I don’t soft corner towards the BJP,” observed Sriramasene Chief Pramod Mutalik.
Speaking in Mysuru today, he said, “I have spoken more harshly against the BJP than Siddaramaiah. I have been criticizing that party since the beginning. I speak with a loud voice only regarding Hindutwa.”
“I demand the government to make a separate law to prevent Love Jihad. I am urging the Chief Minister to look at this matter at the earliest, as the number of love jihad cases is increasing day by day in our State. It was I who raised the voice against love jihad. I have saved nearly 3,000 girls from getting trapped to love jihad. I request the Hindu girls to first understand the difference between Abdullah and Ashok. Otherwise, their fate will also be the same as the girl whose body was cut into pieces in Delhi. I request them not to kill our religion along with them. A separate law is required to control those cases,” he explained.
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