However strong a dictator may be, he has to bend down in front of the farmers: This is farmers independence – former CM Siddaramaiah tweets


Bengaluru, November 19, 2021 ( Yielding to the pressure by the protesting farmers, the Union Government has withdrawn three amended agriculture policies.
In his response to this development, the former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, in his tweet, has mentioned that it is a significant victory for the farmers who were fighting against the Centre for a long time against the amended agriculture laws. “It is a victory of the farmers, congratulations. Jai Kisan,” his tweet read.
Further, his tweet mentioned that it is not enough only if the amended agriculture policies are withdrawn, but the center should also provide a sum of Rs. 25 lakh compensation each to the families of the farmers who lost their lives in this struggle.
“However strong a dictator may be, however bigger chest he might have, he has to bend in front of the strength of the people. It is the beauty of democracy, it is farmers’ independence,” he sarcastically mentioned the PM Modi.
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