Govt. circular to implement ‘Malebillu’ program in schools


Bengaluru, May 14, 2022 ( The Government of Karnataka has issued a circular directing implementation of ‘Malebillu’ program in all the schools for the year 2022-23.
Pallavi Akurati, State Program Director, Samagra Shikshana Karnataka, has issued the orders has mentioned that the school children have not been able to take part in school activities from the last two years. Hence, there is a need to encourage the children so that they will adopt to the school environment soon and provide them a good learning environment. In this regard the Government of Karnataka has declared the academic year 2022-23 as ‘Kalika Chetarike Varsha’ and will be implemented in all the government primary and high schools across the state.
Keywords: Government of Karnataka/ Education Department/ Malebillu program