Government should not decide on fixing session duration: Opposition leader Siddaramaiah


Bengaluru, Feb. 25, 2021 ( ‘Only people with a mother’s heart can understand our Constitution. The freedom of fixing the duration of cabinet sessions should be with the Speaker of Assembly and Chairman of Legislative Council. The government should not fix the duration of sessions. Sessions should be held for 60 days in a year compulsorily,” opined opposition leader Siddaramaiah.

I am- building - Ram Mandir -my hometown-Former CM- Siddaramaiah.

“Not only politically, but democracy should also exist socially too. There should be independence, equality, and brotherhood in democracy. Existence of our country will be difficult without all this,” he added.
“There is a need for serious thinking on protection of values and democracy. Dictatorship mindset should go and it is the responsibility of all of us. Parliamentary set-up is not new for our country. It existed even during the time of Buddha and Basavanna. That is the reason why Basavanna established Anubhaava Mantapa.”
He said it will not be possible to stop the falling of values without changing the election system. “A system should come where the government itself should conduct the elections. There should be no opportunity for the candidates to go out for campaigning after submitting their nominations. Change in political parties is also required for the overall change in the system,” he opined.
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