Fourth place for Karnataka in number of Corona cases: Minister Sudhakar

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Bengaluru, Mar. 27, 2021 ( “Coronavirus is spreading in the State day-by-day. Karnataka is presently in the fourth place in number of COVID cases,” informed Health and Medical Education Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar.
Speaking to the press persons today he informed that the entire country is witnessing 2nd wave of COVID-19 Panemic and Karnataka is in the fourth place after Maharashtra, Kerala, and Punjab.
“More than 10,000 cases are being reported every day from a few days in about 10 states in the country. Maharashtra, Kerala and Punjab states have registered more number of cases than Karnataka. Hence, we all should be careful. If we won’t take precautionary measures we can’t escape from the danger. Everyone should wear masks compulsorily and maintain social distance,” he explained.
“More number of Corona cases are being reported from Bengaluru and we have already distributed 61% vaccines,” he added.
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