Eight years of Modi govt.: Modi hasn’t fulfilled any promise – Former CM Siddaramaiah


Bengaluru, July 2, 2022 (www.justkannada.in): “Prime Minister is giving lot advertisements in the media on completion of 8 years in power. But Modi has not fulfilled any promises as assured. I wonder why they are celebrating,” observed leader of the opposition Siddaramaiah.
He released a booklet titled, “Varsha 8, Avaantara 108,” (8 years, 108 faults) on the occasion. “Narendra Modi has enjoyed power as a CM for 12 years, and a PM for 8 years. He has enjoyed power for 20 long years till now. He had given many assurances to the people of the country before holding high office of the country. He had promised to bring the black money. He had also promised of creating 2 crore jobs every year, but has not fulfilled any of those promises,” he said.
“There were 83.4 voters during the 2014 LS polls. 17 crore voters had voted for them. He was successful in diverting the attention of the voters from failures like black money, unemployment, price hike, etc. Incidents of the Pulwama, Balakot attacks were given prominence. In 2019 there were 94 crore voters and 22.09 voters voted for BJP. This time also he didn’t work for the common man. He was successful again in winning the election by highlighting the Pulwama attack,” he alleged.
In the advertisements, the BJP has claimed that the Centre has given Rs.1,29,766 crore. But the tax collected from our state is Rs. 19 lakh crore. Is it not alms given to our State which has contributed such a big amount in the form of taxes? The 25 MPs of the state didn’t open their mouth, they didn’t speak about the injustice meted out to our State,” he added.
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