Discrepancies in electric bill: Three staff by using dismissed


Bengaluru, September 4, 2021 (www.justkannada.in): Power and Kannada and Culture Department Minister Sunil Kumar have informed that three staff members of BESCOM who had modified the electric bill causing a loss to the BESCOM have been suspended.
The three persons who have been suspended are Mehboob Pasha, Junior Assistant, Mulabagilu Sub Division, Gayatramma, and Sujatamma, Junior Assistants.
Sunil Kumar has informed that the trio used to modify the monthly electric bills while distributing them to the customers, reducing the amount, causing a loss to BESCOM. Hence, all three have been suspended and an FIR has been registered at the Kolar Police Station.
By using their IDs in different IP addresses in the computer all the three staff members have cheated BESCOM. BESCOM has incurred a loss of a sum of Rs.4,44,966.00 in 8 RR numbers. All the three have been dismissed after finding them guilty and orders have been issued to initiate disciplinary action against them.
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