COVID fear may continue till December: Dr. Manjunath says following guidelines are very important


Bengaluru, May 1, 2021 ( “The second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic is proving dangerous for the country. One in every five of the population is being infected creating an alarm. If people won’t follow the COVID guidelines strictly the condition will become more grievous,” opined Dr. Manjunath, Director, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, Bengaluru.
He participated in a webinar organized by the Karnataka Working Journalists Association regarding the COVID condition in the state today.
“According to sources nearly one and a half to two crore people are infected in the State. Thus the COVID second wave has created panic,” he added.corona-dr-manjunath-karnataka-working-journalists-association-media-conversation
India has registered 4 lakh cases in the last 24 hours with more than 4,000 deaths and has created an alarm of surpassing America and Brazil. Everybody should strictly follow the guidelines. Wearing safe masks, maintaining social distance, and maintaining personal hygiene along with taking COVID vaccination is very important, he informed and also advised that the journalists should not neglect any symptoms, and they along with entire family members should take checkup even at the slightest of symptoms.
He also requested the media to show positive news and instill courage among the people, instead of showing crematoriums and graveyard related news.
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