Cong. revised textbook content to please minorities: They don’t have respect for the land: Minister R. Ashok


Bengaluru, June 23, 2022 ( Revenue Minister R. Ashok today said that the Congress party had revised the school text books during its time in order to please minorities.

Addressing a press meet today in Bengaluru, R. Ashok expressed his view that, it is for the first time in the history of the State revision of school text books is being debated so much. “Earlier governments have also removed lessons. They don’t like to listen to the names of Rama, Shiva. They revised the text books only to please the minorities. They don’t have any respect for the land or people,” he alleged.

“During our tenure we have included 8 lessons of Kuvempu. But the Congress had revised the textbooks only to please the minorities. They had included only what they want. They removed Kuvempu’s poems and included Hamsalekha’s poem. Nobody protested when Kuvempu’s text was removed. We have included a lesson on Kempegowda. Why didn’t they do it?,” he questioned.
“Congress leaders don’t have any respect for the land and Hindus. Siddaramaiah loses temper if he listens to the word Tipu. They had glorified Tipu and had shown the Mysuru kings in low light. Tipu has not done anything other than fighting against the Birtish. He had converted many people,” he said.

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