Communication skills are required along with curriculum: UoM VC


Mysuru, March 8, 2022 ( “Communication skills are also required when we have to talk about science. Such workshops will be helpful for the students in developing communication skills,” observed Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore.
He inaugurated the two-day workshop on the topic, “Science Communication for Media students,” organized for media students, by the Community Radio Centre Radio Manasa in association with the Kutuhali Science Communication for Popularisation and Extension, held at the Vignana Bhavana, in Manasagangotri campus.
In his address, he said, “along with curriculum, communication skills are required for the students of the mass media. Communication skills should be such that they should easily reach even a common man. Along with teaching, the Universities should also shoulder the responsibility of developing such skills in the students. Earlier the University used to just impart education. But now we are organizing programs like ‘Career Hub,’ for the benefit of the students. The University of Mysore is also offering several other useful programs to the students like Google Cloud Training, to develop technical schools among the students. But there are not many students.”
Prof. M.S. Sapna, Convener, Radio Manasa, Dr. N. Mamatha, Assistant Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication Department, T. G. Srinidhi, Science Columnist, and others were present.
Keywords: Journalism and Mass Communication Department/ University of Mysore/ communication skills/ workshop