Child trafficking network found in Mysuru


Mysuru, July 29, 2021 ( A child trafficking gang has been discovered in Mysuru. The Mysuru police who were investigating the trafficking case have found traces of several children being trafficked.
A case of child trafficking was reported recently in Nanjangud, in Mysuru District. A poor woman who had lost her husband recently had given her three-month-old child to some other woman. Following this, a child trafficking gang has been unearthed in Najangud.
Mysuru District Superintendent of Police R. Chetan who provided the information also mentioned that a woman by name Srimati, is the kingpin of this racket. Beggars, destitute, widows, people residing on the roadside were her target. She used to say that she is running an orphanage and would look after their children nicely and somehow convince them and take their children. She used to sell the children in turn for lakhs of rupees.
Recently a woman called Jyothi had given her three-month-old infant to Srimati. In the beginning, no traces of financial transaction was found in this case. But deeper interrogation exposed that the broker Srimati had sold the infant for Rs. 3 lakh. Police have suspected more number of children trafficked by her and are further interrogating to discover a probable network, according to SP R. Chetan.
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