Can Basavaraj Bommai get grants sanction from the center when BSY couldn’t? Siddaraiamah


Mysuru, July 31, 2021 ( “When B.S. Yediyurappa couldn’t get grants to the State from the Center, how can Basavaraj Bommai bring?,” questioned Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah.
Speaking to the reporters in Mysuru today he said, “when B.S. Yediyurappa who is basically from BJP couldn’t bring any grants to the state from the center, how can Bommai who is actually from JDS, convince the BJP national leaders and bring grants? Will they listen to his words?” he questioned. He sarcastically mentioned that Bommai is a JDS CM!
In his reply to the formation of the cabinet, he said it should be finished as early as possible as the fear of COVID 3rd wave is making rounds.
“The government should consider the COVID-19 third wave problem seriously. Otherwise, the State will suffer a lot. Though there are no ministers he should get all the works done through the officials. Even if there is a cabinet and ministers they can’t lock the borders of the state,” he said.
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