BJP MLC H. Vishwanath opposes anti-conversion bill


Mysuru, December 23, 2021 ( BJP MLC H. Vishwanath has opposed the tabling of the anti-conversion bill in the Belagavi Assembly by the state government.
Addressing a press meet in Mysuru today he said, “Basavanna preached equality in the 12th century. He had spoken about equality, irrespective of caste and religion. India is a diversified country. Ambedkar has given us the constitution, according to our constitution, all of us have the liberty to follow any religion or god. Prime Minister Modi has also not spoken about Hindutwa anywhere. All our leaders have preached coexistence. It is unfortunate that the Chief Minister has broken the ‘Manava Dharma’ built by Basavanna, whereas the former’s name is also ‘Basavanna,” he said.
He also expressed his displeasure on the silence of the seers of various maths against the anti-conversion bill.
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