Appu’s fan walks from Mysuru to Tirupati as a tribute to his favourite hero


Mysuru, November 27, 2021 ( It is nearly one month, the Powerstar of Sandalwood Puneeth Rajkumar has left us. In the meantime, his fans are offering their tributes in several ways. Recently one of his fans took out a bicycle jatha from Bagalkot to Bengaluru. Likewise, one of Puneeth’s fans from Mysuru has completed a Padayatra in memory of his favorite film star, from Mysuru to Tirupati.
Massage Nandeesh, as he is known in Mysuru, a resident of Agrahara in Mysuru completed his Padayatra in tribute to Puneeth Rajkumar. He walked 400 to 450 km from Mysuru to Tirupati to show his love and tribute to the late actor. He displayed a picture of the late actor on his back and walked all the way by holding the Karnataka State flag. He commenced his padayatra on November 19.
Speaking to he observed that he along with a few of his friends have developed a habit of undertaking padayatra to Tirupati for several years for the welfare of the entire world. “I am a great fan of ‘Appu’. I have seen many people offering their tributes to him in several ways. I also felt that I also should do something. That is why I also have undertaken this padayatra to pay my tributes,” he said.
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