All houses to receive clean drinking water by 2024: Minister K.S. Eshwarappa


Kalaburagi, October 4, 2021 ( Rural Development Minister K.S. Eshwarappa today informed that all the houses in the state will receive clean drinking water by the year 2024.
Speaking to the press persons at the Ivanshahi Guest House in Kalaburagi today, he explained that the department has identified 750 panchayats in the state, and a sum of Rs. 25 lakh has been earmarked for each panchayat to supply clean drinking water to all the houses by 2024.
In his response to Rajya Sabha opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge’s criticism against Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him a cheap person, Eshwarappa said, “The whole world has accepted him as a leader. Will the world heed to Kharge’s words? Narendra Modi is like a gold mine will anyone agree if he is called a cheap person? In case if Kharge has spoken those words by mistake, let him apologize. I am deeply hurt by his words.”
In his response to the scribes’ question about the former MLA Raju Kage’s allegations of 40 MLAs will soon join the Congress party, Eshwarappa said BJP’s MLAs are like lions. “No one will go to Congress. The Congress party is already shattered into pieces. All our MLAs are like gold mines,” he said.
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