Former Minister Vinay Kulkarni gets conditional bail from SC

New Delhi, August 11, 2021 ( The Hon’ble Supreme Court has granted conditional bail to former Minister Vinay Kulkarni, who is facing charges in the ZP member Yogeesh Gowda murder case. However, the court has restricted him from visiting Dharwad.
The former Minister, who is in jail for the last nine months, has been successful in getting bail at last. The Hon’ble Supreme Court granted the bail after hearing the appeal submitted by the former Minister’s advocate. However, advocate Nataraj who is representing the Karnataka Government drew the attention of the Hon’ble Court stating that the hearing, in this case, is still pending in the High Court of Karnataka. The Supreme Court also directed the High Court to complete the hearing within two months.
Following this, the former Minister was given bail restricting him from visiting Dharwad. Thus, Vinay Kulkarni who was at the Hindalga Jail in Belagavil since July 27, 2021, has been given a huge relief.
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