Don’t compare Gujarat elections to Karnataka: Cong. will win even if won’t work – Former CM Siddaramaiah

Mysuru, December 8, 2022 ( “The Gujarat assembly election results won’t affect the election result in Karnataka. Don’t compare Gujarat elections with Karnataka. Congress party will win in Karnataka even if we keep quiet,” observed leader of the opposition in the assembly Siddaramaiah.
Speaking in Mysuru today, Siddaramaih informed that the results of the Gujarat assembly elections won’t affect Congress in Karnataka. “The BJP has funded AAP in Gujarat. Everybody had expected that BJP would win in Gujarat. However, the result of any particular state won’t affect another. The organizing strength of Congress party is good. The present government in Karnataka is most corrupt. They also are scared that they will lose in Karnataka,” he added.
“In Gujarat the BJP has funded AAP. Though AAP spent a lot of money in Gujarat it could win only six seats. The votes of AAP has divided. There is no need to have any special strategy in Karnataka. Congress will certainly win even if keep quiet. There is no Modi wave in the country. Otherwise why would they lose in the Delhi Municipal elections,” he questioned.
The wave against the government in Himachal Pradesh will become a plus point for the Congress. In Karnataka the BJP might make a secret nexus with the JDS. However, it won’t work, Siddaramaiah observed.
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