Death of teachers on byelection duty due to COVID pandemic: KPCC President DKS holds State Govt. responsible

Bengaluru, May 15, 2021 ( KPCC President D.K. Shivakumar said that the State Government is directly responsible for the death of the teachers who attended by-elections duty died of the COVID pandemic.
Speaking to the press persons today in Bengaluru regarding this D.K. Shivakumar observed that it is our self-committed mistake. “The Govt. is directly responsible for their death. Everyone should have been careful during the byelections. None of the parties maintained social distancing properly. I also tried, but the crowd was huge. If the government would have canceled it even the Election Commission wouldn’t have done anything. At least we should be cautious now,” he added.Teachers –death- Corona-KPCC-president-DK Sivakumar - responsible - Government
“We won’t interfere in the lockdown issue, we will leave it to the govt to decide. But we won’t keep quiet if it won’t rectify its mistake,” he said.
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