Converting welfare Karnataka to commission, communal Karnataka is the only achievement of BJP: R. Dhruvanarayan

Mysuru, July 27, 2022 ( “The BJP had promised to make Karnataka ‘Kalyana Karnataka’ when it came to power. But, you have transformed the state to commission, communal Karnataka,” ridiculed KPCC Working President R. Dhruvanarayan.
Speaking in Mysuru today, he observed, “the BJP came to power in the State by breaking the JDS- Congress alliance government. But failed to make any achievement. They canceled all the progressive programs Siddaramaiah had introduced. The present government in the State is no. 1 in corruption in the entire country. What is the purpose of celebrating ‘Janotsava?”, he questioned.
“In his one-year term, Basavaraj Bommai has failed in providing a pro-people administration to the people of the State. The State Govt. has become notorious in the name of 40% Govt. Looting the State, and seeding communal hatred are the only achievements of the BJP. The state has earned No. 1 corrupt state under Basavaraj Bommai’s rule. Corruption in the recruitment of PSIs and lecturers, unused grants, no development, no grants for Union Govt. programs, increase in criminal cases, imposing cases on good people, withdrawing cases on criminals, wrong revision of school textbooks, communal hatred, hijab issue, cancellation of pro-people programs, providing government land to Sangh Parivar, distribution of funds,” these are the only achievements of the State, he said.
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