Cong. leader Siddaramaiah lambasts BJP for demolishing temples

Bengaluru, September 15, 2021 ( “The BJP people speak a lot about Hindutva and do Ramanama Jap. On the other hand, they demolish temples. The BJP’s Hindutva is just a bluff, their Hindutva is just to attract votes,” opined Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly Siddaramaiah.
In his address in the Assembly session today Siddaramaiah said, “The Chief Secretary can’t evict temple without bringing it to the notice of the government. The Deputy Commissioner and Tahasildar are demolishing religious structures in public places from the 15th of last month as per the orders of the Supreme Court. Due to public uproar over the temple demolition, now BJP government is changing its colours to save its dignity. Now they are saying that they will issue orders not to demolish. Did they demolish the temple without bringing it to the notice of the government? The Mysuru MP is speaking after demolition. He should have brought it to the notice of the government and should have prevented it,” he said.
“We are not like them, we won’t indulge in any kind of ‘Operation,’ we won’t force anyone to come to our party. Our party is based on ethics and our party is open to those who are committed to the ethics of the party,” Siddaramaiah said.
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