Cong. leader R. Dhurvanarayan takes on former Minister C.T. Ravi who criticized Mekedatu Padayatra

Mysuru, March 2, 2022 ( KPCC Executive Secretary R. Dhruvanarayan today lambasted former Minister and BJP National General Secretary C.T. Ravi who criticized the Mekedatu Padyatra taken out by the Congress party in the state.
Speaking in Mysuru today, R. Dhruvanarayan said, “C.T. Ravi should stop talking irresponsibly. If he has the guts let him answer why they are delaying implementation of the Mekedatu project? The BJP leaders are experts in making loose talks. It is their culture to set houses and families on fire and divide the families. They always indulge in instilling hatred among the people. But we are taking out the padayatra for water. What is wrong with it? We are not doing it to set fire, we are struggling for water for the people. The JDS is afraid of becoming weak in the Mysuru region. That is why they are also opposing the padayatra. However, many JDS leaders are switching to the Congress party. It is frustrating the JDS leaders,” he said.
Keywords: Congress leader R. Dhruvanarayan/ former minister C.T. Ravi/ Mekedatu padayatra