Charges of severing more than 10 trees in govt. residence: Demand for action against Mandya SP

Mandya, September 14, 2021 ( Charges have been made against Mandya District Superintendent of Police Dr. Ashwini, for severing more than 10 trees in the government residence premises without getting the permission of either the government or the Department concerned and undertaking renovation works.
It is alleged that the Mandya District SP Dr. Ashwini has violated the law by deciding to sever more than 10 trees inside the government residence premises and also misused her powers by using the police vehicle and duty-bound police personnel to shift the severed trees.
She is also facing earlier charges of severing more than 50 trees in the Police training grounds premises and transporting them about two months ago.
Now it is also alleged that Dr. Ashwini has renovated the government residence and office without taking the permission of the government or the department during the COVID-19 Pandemic period. The government guest house guard room has been demolished and the gate has been changed as per ‘vastu’ demands. Also, she has made modifications to the office and government residence violating the law.
This has also caused a financial burden to the government, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic time. The public has expressed their ire on this development and has demanded action against SP Dr. Ashwini.
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