BJP is using BSY as use and throw: They won’t give the ticket to his son 100% – KPCC Spokesperson M. Lakshmana

Mysuru, July 26, 2022 ( “The BJP has used former Chief Minister and senior leader B.S. Yediyurappa as use and throw. It is a party which doesn’t have any gratitude,” observed KPCC Spokesperson M. Lakshmana.
Speaking in Mysuru today, he criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP leader Amit Shah. “Those two leaders who are on the top are Marwaris. They look at everything through a business eye. They will corner anyone after using them. Yediryuappra is just a remote control. They won’t give the ticket to his son also 100%. Veerashaivas should understand at least now,” he said.
“The BJP has lost its morality completely. They have created a fake Facebook account in the name of Muslim youth in Kodagu and have posted improper messages on it. The son of a BJP leader has created the Facebook account. Through investigation, it has been found that Divin Bopaiah, son of District BJP Vice-President Ponnappa is the one who has created the fake FB identity. The fake ID is being created in the name of Mohammed Asmak. He is a close aide of MLC Ravi Kushalappa, K.G. Bopaiah and Pratap Simha. With their support, he is doing such things as flare up communal clashes. Why a case has not been registered against him? I demand to arrest Pratap Simha and K.G. Bopaiah who are behind this. They are targeting the Muslim community and doing hatred politics,” he alleged.
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