Anti-propaganda against Veer Savarkar in Karnataka is an unforgivable mistake: Former CM BSY

Mysuru, August 23, 2022 ( “Anti-propaganda of Veer Savarkar in Karnataka is an unforgivable crime,” opined former Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa.
He launched the Savarkar Rath Yatra at Mysuru today. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Mysuru has a special place in the freedom struggle. I feel so special and proud for launching the Savarkar Rath Yatra from here. I wish the life values and sacrifices of Veer Savarkar will spread across the people of the State.
“On one hand our country is galloping towards becoming a ‘Vishwaguru’. Whereas on the other hand attempts are being made to insult the values of our country. Savarkar is being mis-projected. Former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had told to spread the message of Savarkar to every Indian. Former Prime Minister and India’s first woman prime minister Indira Gandhi had called Veer Savarkar an independence warrior. Those who oppose calling Savarkar a freedom fighter should try to understand Basavanna’s vachana. Our seniors asked us to find the character of sharanas in their death. Anti-propaganda of Veer Savarkar in Karnataka is an unforgivable crime,” he said.
“Leaders of all the parties had assembled during Savarkar’s funeral procession in Mumbai. Savarkar is a proud son of Bharat Mata. His words are guidance to us. He is the first freedom fighter to reject his degree for the cause of the nation. He was the first person to boycott foreign goods and barrister,” he observed.
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