A whopping Rs. 220 crore water bills due in MCC limits: Mayor Sunanda Phalanetra

Mysuru, July 12, 2022 (www.justkannada.in): Mysuru Mayor Sunanda Phalanetra today informed that the pending water bills in the Mysuru City Corporation is Rs. 220 crore!
Addressing a press meet at the MCC today, she informed that there are a total number of 1.80 lakh water connections in the MCC limits, out of which 52,000 connections owe a whopping Rs. 220 crore, which is pending from several years. While the principal bill amount is Rs. 146 crore, the interest amount is Rs. 74 crore. “The MCC doesn’t have the authority to waive off the interest amount. Hence, the State Govt. has been appealed to waive it off. This decision was taken in the MCC Council meeting held on April 29, in order to prevent additional burden to the citizens,” she added.
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