“90% of the 100 portions in the book ‘Tipu’s Nijakanasugalu’ are false: former Rangayana Director Janardhan

Mysuru, November 24, 2022 (www.justkannada.in): “I have read the book, ‘Tipu Nijakanasugalu,’ however I have not seen the drama. 99.99% of the content in the book on Tipu is false,” observed former Rangayana Director Janardhan (Janni).
Addressing a press meet in Mysuru today, he said, “I stayed away from Rangayana after I felt it is polluted. I didn’t even visit Rangayana even once since then. There was no need to use police security to allow people to watch a dram there. Such a situation had not appeared in the history of the theater. Such incidents have put down the theater.”
Expressing his dissatisfaction with the move taken by the present Rangayana Director Addanda Kariyappa, Janni said, “when I was the Director of Rangayana, I had asked the Police to come to Rangayana as an audience, and not to give protection. But now the situation has become like this.”
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